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If you have a gun then you are probably also looking for a rifle scope to make your shooting more accurate. No matter how far your target is away. And no matter what kind of weather conditions you are dealing with. However, it can be quite hard to choose a rifle scope that fits both your budget and needs. On this site we will try our best to help you choose the right scope for you with both our rifle scope reviews as well as the ultimate rifle scope comparison chart.

Top 10 Most Popular Rifle Scopes 2016

While looking for a scope, bear in mind that it plays a great role in the functionality of your rifle. If you don’t go for the best quality, then you can be sure that you will have very poor results. This means that you should dedicate a lot of time and effort in researching on the available scopes, while considering your specific needs. For most people, the idea of investing time and energy in doing the search can be stressful and overwhelming. That is why I have come up with a simple guide that will significantly save your time by informing you the products available in the market.

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting

If you have trouble knowing the one that will work best for you, then you need to read on. We have a one stop shop that has comprehensive reviews about available long range rifle scopes for snipers and sniper rifles for the hunting professional.

Before you can invest your money in buying the rifle scopes, we will give you essential tips that you can use to shop. You will then use this information in making an informed choice that won’t make you lose your money. Our reviews cover everything you will need to know; ranging from the features and how the scopes function.

The 4 Types of Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scope Guide and Reviews

Rifle scopes have the role of magnifying targets that are at a far distance and any other nearby objects that look to be bigger in size or to whatever that one wishes to aim. The rifle scope is endorsed for a more safe and perfect shooting in a field that entails on the range. Shooters use various classifications of this equipment today. Below is a brief classification of the different Rifle Scopes.

Compact Rifle Scope: This type is not heavy and suitable for individuals that prefer light equipment. It is a compact rifle scope that is available in sizes of less than the standard 9 inches. However, it is vital to note that the weight and the size do not affect its effectiveness; it is primarily used in handguns and small sized rifles.

Sniper Rifle Scope: This is appropriate for shooters at a longer range, this is because it is has a unique telescope that contains apparatuses that lay aiming reticule above the enlarged image so as to focus on target of the shot while at the same time considering the several diverse variables.

Laser Rangefinder Rifle Scope: This is a kind of Rifle scope that ensures that there is no slip-up between the distance between the shooter and the target. This scope calculates the distance between the shooter and the target.

Pistol Scope: The pistol scope is ideal for snipers as the shots that are more accurate, it is famous among individual who refer handguns. It has a low amplification power scope that is applied for shots at close range of handguns with enhanced features.

The kind of rifle scope that a shooter requires is based on the type of shooting being done, the nature of gun that is being used, and personal partialities of features such as reticule style and color. The shooting ground also determines the distance between the shooter and the target. There also exist typical night vision scopes that are fitted with infrared illuminator to work at night.

Review of the 3 Best Rifle Scopes 2016

1. Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600

Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate

One of the best selling rifle scopes for a long time, the Nikon P-223 is a favorite not just for beginners but also for semi-professionals given its excellent value-for-money deal. Among the many features of this scope is the zero reset function which lets you maintain field adjustment like with only very few other scopes in this price range.

Of similar significance for you shooting success is the built-in Effective Light Transmission which is enhanced by Multi-coated shade. If you have ever been out hunting deer in the open terrain you will know about the problematic of unfavorable light that makes it very difficult to hit the target preciously.

The light transmission of the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600 solves just this problem. And then there are also quite a few other great features of this scope, like the zero reset function, sophisticated parallax settings, as well as the compatibility with other nikon products that I’m explaining in more detail in my Nikon rifle scope reviews section.




2. UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44
The UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope is one of the best-selling rifle scopes of last year with more than 730 (!) positive customer reviews on Amazon. It’s so immensely popular because it is relatively small at 10.4 x 1.6 x 2.1 inches yet made of high quality materials and you feel that already when unpacking it and holding the sealed and 100% nitrogen filled scope in your own hands.

You will be amazed how accurately you will hit your targets with the crisp and clear 3-12x zoom of this UTG rifle scope. Even if you are out in the forest during bad weather and the sight conditions aren’t perfect: the in-built Illumination Enhancing Technology will ensure that you can target precisely at any time, the ultimate sniper rifle scope.

I have a in-depth test in the Leapers UTG Rifle Scopes Reviews with more information about the technical specifications such as Premium Zero Locking, Multi-Emerald Coated Lenses and Mil-dot Reticle as well as hi-res photos of this wonderful scope.




3. Vortex Diamondback 4-12×40 Riflescope

Vortex Diamondback-4-12x40-Riflescope

A very popular choice for hunters and shooters who are looking for a reliable rifle scope in the 200 USD range is the Vortex Diamondback. What makes it different from most other scopes in this price range is that it comes with a magnification of 4-12x and that means you can easily target wild deer or whatever you are shooting several hundred meters away and it will show crisp and clear.

There are quite a lot of unique features and technical specifications which are worth pointing out. Just mentioned the great 4-12x zoom for distant targets and along with that there’s a so called “precision glide erector system” that provides clear vision even at extreme weather conditions like fog and rain and even if you go for the maximum 12x zoom you have a clear sight of your target.

You probably understand now, why the Vortex Diamondback is such a great rifle scope. If you want to learn more about its features like focal plane reticle, hard anodized finish, O-ring seals and single piece tube you can find a much more detailed review in our Vortex Rifle Scope Reviews section. There are also several customer reviews and hi-res pictures.



4 Steps To Find a Good Rifle Scope

A good rifle scope can be important as it can make it easier for you to aim your firearm. However, you must be careful as there are many scopes on the market. The purpose of this guide is to help you learn how to find a useful rifle scope for any purpose that you hold while out in the wild.

Step 1: Analyze the Numbers

The first thing to do is to take a careful look at the numbers that are listed on your rifle scope. Look at the numbers in front of the X on a unit. These numbers will tell you how many times you can magnify the item in a scope to make it more visible. For instance, a 3-6X scope will be adjustable to where you can see through three to six times closer than they are to you. This is all based on how the unit is adjusted. A larger magnification quality is needed if you’re going to hunt larger game at further distances.

The number after the X is the objective lens diameter of your scope in millimeters. This shows how large the scope is and how much space will be displayed at a time as you look into it. This can assist you in finding more items in a larger spot.

In most cases a 40mm lens will be good enough. A 50mm lens may also help but you may end up paying more for than one. A 50mm unit will also be heavier on average. You must take this into consideration based on what type of game you want to hunt and whether or not you are capable of handling a scope that has a much larger size than what you might see elsewhere on the market.

Step 2: Look at Light Transmission

The light transmission feature on the rifle scope is a look at the amount of light that will come into an objective lens and how much will exit from the ocular lens. There is no real set standard as to how much light needs to go through but it is best to find a unit that will transmit as much light as possible. This is to ensure that the light that comes into the scope will move through as needed and will not be any harder to handle at any time.

The exit pupil can tell you quite a bit about how light moves. The exit pupil is a light circle that can be seen in the ocular lens. If this material is large in size then it should be easier for you to see through the scope without any specific head position required. The eye relief, or the distance the eye needs to be from the ocular lens to get a full view of what’s on the scope, will especially vary based on the size as a larger one requires less of a distance, thus making the scope slightly easier to use.

Light transmission is critical as it helps you to see what is inside a spot. You have to use this with care to see that you are going to take a look at anything you have with care so it will not be all that hard for you to do a little more when taking shots at anything that may be in a local spot.

Step 3: Review the Sighting

The sighting is that series of lines that you will notice within the scope. This is often used to help people get a better idea of where they are shooting while also assisting in targeting different items as required. The sight will typically be adjusted with different lines based on the trajectory that you are trying to shoot into. You must review the sighting based on how detailed it is and if you are able to read its features. If you’re able to see the marks properly then you should be fine.

Even with that, there’s a need to see how the sighting can vary by distance. You may notice that the target will change on the scope if you are going to shoot at a target at a far-off distance. This is especially important if you’re going to go after large game that is 200 yards away. Different scopes will have their own sights with regards to how far off they will be so you must be careful when aiming so you know that you will have a setup that is designed to be as careful and easy to manage as possible.

Step 4: Check the Coatings

Many coatings are used on rifle scopes as a means of protecting them and ensuring that they can be useful in many weather conditions. You need to compare the coatings of different scopes that you might hold and then find an option that will stay protected while also providing you with a clear sight of whatever you are aiming at.

The coating will typically be listed in one of four ways. For instance, a coated unit will feature a single layer on one lens surface. A fully coated option will have a seal on all glass surfaces. A multi-coated option will have multiple layers of protection on many of the surfaces that you are working with.

Any option can work well but you must be certain that you choose one that is appropriate for the weather conditions that you tend to go hunting in. If you need to keep reflections from being prevalent on your unit and you are in spots where light is not much of a hassle then a unit that has many coatings will certainly be worthwhile.

A good microfiber cloth can come in handy when having to clean you lens in the field.

Don’t forget to see how the coatings can handle water. Many units can prevent water from sticking onto the glass. Check to see how well a unit of interest to you can handle water before choosing it for your scope needs.

Just be certain when looking that rifle scopes that you are fully aware of whatever it is you are looking into. If you can choose a quality model among the many scopes that are out there today then you will certainly have an easier time with enjoying all your hunting-related activities.

By now you probably have quite a good overview of the most important things to keep in mind when making a decision for a scope to buy. If you are still unsure which brand and price range you want to invest in, you might want to have a look at the rifle scope comparison guide where you can find the best-selling products this year as well as customer reviews.