5 Best Red Dot Sights for AR 15

The first critical upgrade for an AR 15 rifle is undoubtedly an ideal red dot sight. As would be expected these products come with varying features and even sizes. Which makes it a particularly difficult task when it comes to pinpointing the right one for your given needs. Apart from their widely acclaimed ruggedness, portability and ease of use, these products also offer an excellent means of making ranging calculations. This goes a long way in facilitating for remarkably precise distance and holdover estimations.

The following are the currently five best red dot sights on the market:

Trijicon RMR$$$Trijicon RMR

This is a very rugged and diminutive reflex red dot sight. The RMR features a unique and patented shape that is designed to withstand impact and also divert stress from its lens, which increases its durability. This AR 15 sight comes in LED, adjustable LED and dual illumination models. With its red dot sizes varying from 1 MOA to 13 MOA . This micro dot sight has color multi coated optics, it is also parallax free and completely waterproof up to 66 feet.
Bushnell AR Optics TRS-25$Bushnell AR Optics TRS-25

The TRS-25 1x25 red dot is engineered with Amber-Bright optics to help you quickly distinguish between a brown tree and a brown critter. Thanks to the scope's multicoated optics, hunters will have no problem seeing their target in low-light conditions. Other features include a 100-percent waterproof / fogproof / shockproof construction, a dry-nitrogen-filled housing as well as a CR2032 battery.
Meprolight 21 Self-Powered$$$ Meprolight 21 Self-Powered

The Mepro 21 is a day or night reflex product that is battle proven. It can operate in any kind of lightning condition without the need for a battery. During the daytime illumination is provided by a fiber optics collector system. While at night, this product makes use of a diminutive self-powered tritium power source. The transition between these 2 illumination modes is automatic. This sight comes with a big 30mm objective lens that facilitate for lightning-quick target acquisition at any range, with the user’s both eyes fully opened. You can also choose between several reticle options, which includes open X, bull’s eye or dot rectangle.
Lucid HD7$$Lucid HD7

The HD7 happens to be a robust and highly dependable sight that offers plenty of user customizable features. Its frame is crafted from cast aluminum , and it also comes with a chemical rubber armor. This red dot sight has 7 different brightness settings together with an automatic brightness sensor. It features a MOA windage and elevation adjustments and a 1X unlimited eye relief.
Aimpoint Micro T$$$$Aimpoint Micro T

The Aimpoint is undeniably one of the most popular micro red dot optics that are available in market. It features an extremely diminutive size as well as been lightweight. This makes it very handy in most tactical shooting operations. It integrates the advanced circuit efficiency technology (ACET) that includes LED illumination. This sight’s red dot size varies from 2 to 4 MOA.

In essence red dot sights can be loosely categorized in 2 main divisions, which are the battery-free and electronic varieties. The first totally does away with the risk of electronic mechanisms failing. Typically they are usually illuminated with tritium, giving them an unmatched low light functionality. The electronic type on their part are noted for their remarkable durability and longevity.

And most brands offer thousands upon thousands of battery hours before necessitating replacement. There are also micro dot sights that offer a diminutive viewing area, which enables users to operate with both their eyes fully opened. Let us now take a look at some of the best red dot sights that are currently available in the market.


5 Best Red Dot SightsRed dot sights greatly help in enhancing the shooting experience by offering exceptional visual assistance. They also tend to be quicker than iron sights, and more importantly can be used frequently without giving rise to eye strain. To make things even better these products are usually much affordable than most premium low power and variable power optics. Hope this best red dot sights review has been insightful.



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