Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope Review

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+


The Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ is a highly advanced night vision scope that enables you to aim and hit long-range targets with exceptional precision. One of its most conspicuous advantages is the high-performance IR810 infrared illuminator, which improves its tactical efficiency in low light conditions. This device is magnificently constructed with unique ergonomic features that make it easy to operate. You will notice that the scope maintains its top class precision even when the targets are beyond 50 yards.

If you are particularly concerned about its durability, you will find all the assurance in its robust engineering that features a rubberized body that is both rugged and water resistant. Hunters who want to go out seeking for hogs in drizzly weather will find this night vision scope very handy. Besides, the scope was designed with a variable reticle brightness that enhances its clarity in poor light conditions. The following are some of its defining features:

Features at a Glance

* Shock protected optics for durability.
* Water-resistant design for greater protection.
* 5x magnification for enhanced precision.
* User-friendly controls for convenience.
* Rubberized body for easier handling.
* Detachable infrared illuminator.
* Mounts to standard weaver rails.
* 40-hour battery life for extended action.
* Powerful resolution for higher clarity.
* Variabe reticle brightness

Features in Details

1. RELIABLE Shock protected optics for greater durability

The Armasight ORION 5X is designed with reliable shock protected optics that guarantee greater levels of protection against impact and shocks. Naturally, hunting in the dark and in open fields exposes this machine to certain shocks that can compromise both performance and durability. The manufacturers ensured that the optics are properly shielded against falling objects, flying bats, and different levels of impact that may affect the functional quality of the optics. Protecting the optics is crucial for enhancing performance.

People often lose the grip of their rifles and drop them to the ground. Slipping and falling are also common on the hunting fields. The resultant impact can severely affect the functional aspects of the optics, particularly if they are not protected. The Armasight ORION 5x stands apart with regard to the high level of optics protection. The unique design of the optics and the strength of the special materials used in their construction also helps to enhance their protection against shocks.

2. WATER-Resistant Design

Every avid hunter should understand the need to protect his or her night vision scope from water and moisture. Long term exposure to water remains one of the leading causes of damage and discoloration. This night vision scope comes with a water-resistant design that protects its entire body from the adverse effects of water and moisture. That is why many experienced hunters consider this device among the best scopes for hunting in winter and on rainy days.

The water-resistant design is also necessary for protecting the night-vision scope against chemicals and other corrosive substances that may come into contact with its texture. Water and chemicals can have some negative effect on interior parts of the scope. Many Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope reviews have acknowledged the unique advantage of the water-resistant effect, particularly during wintertime hunting. This aspect also contributes to the advantage of durability.

3. POWERFUL 5x Magnification

If you are interested in sharpening your long-range shooting skills, you have to consider the nature of magnification of your night vision scope. After comparing different types of scopes, many reviewers found out that the Armasight ORION 5x is quite outstanding in terms of its power. You will notice that this device lives up the full promise of 5x magnification despite the length and duration of usage. You need such level of magnification if you want to surpass ordinary standards of precision.

Aiming and shooting small targets in low light requires superior magnification. This scope was built to yield extraordinary levels of tactical efficiency, which you need to get a clear focus on prancing rodents on vast tricky terrains. Rabbit hunters will find this scope very useful in terms of optical precision at twilight. Some scopes that are labelled as 5x magnification never seem to live up to the promise. However, this night visual scope is quite different and exceptional in every aspect.

4. USER-Friendly controls for convenience

Another distinguishing merit of this rifle scope is the ease of its usage. The manufacturers included user-friendly controls that make it very easy to adjust for better precision. The windage and elevation adjustment and the infrared illuminator are controlled by user-friendly functions that enable you to engage the rifle for fast and rapid action. Many times, the odds of hitting your target are significantly dependent on the ability to adjust your scope and aim with great swiftness.

The ability of shooting running animals is largely enhanced by user-friendliness of your controls. Seasoned hunters usually insist on scopes with simple controls, which are comparably easier to manipulate than scopes with multiple controls. The aspect of simplicity of this scope also makes it suitable for training purposes. New users who are generally unaccustomed to the technical details of scopes are sure to appreciate this scope because of its user-friendly appeal.

5. RUBBERIZED Body for a firmer grip

The quality of grip that you get when using this rifle scope derives from the uniqueness of its rubberized body. The fine texture of rubber yields a firm grip that contributes to the overall functional appeal of the scope. This feature also enhances the level of comfort that you get from this device. If your sweaty palms make it difficult for you to handle ordinary scopes, this scope makes your work easier because of the rubberized quality. The quality of grip helps to prevent slippage or falls.

Apart from enhancing the quality of the grip, the rubber covering protects the body of the scope from corrosion. As such, the quality of the rifle scope remains intact for a longer duration than what you would expect from an ordinary scope within the same range. Multiple Armasight ORION 5x Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope reviews are inclined on the view that the rubberized body contributes significantly to the aesthetic appeal of this devise.

6. DETACHABLE Infrared Illuminator

This night vision scope comes with a detachable infrared illuminator that enables great levels of precision because of the sharp intensity of its image viewing. That is why many hunters prefer this device for hunting in little light or when there is no ambient light. You are always assured of great viewing capabilities that exceed ordinary limits. Some hunting enthusiasts with a penchant for nighttime adventure will derive great satisfaction from the reliability of this infrared illuminator.

Moreover, the infrared illuminator of the Armasight ORION 5x is conveniently detachable. You can choose to detach it from the scope when you feel that you can do without it and reattach it when its utility becomes crucial. In some way, the exceptional design and functional uniqueness of this illuminator contributes to the element of convenience for which this scope is distinguished. Detaching and reattaching this item protects it from shocks and impacts when it is not in use.

7. EASY to Mount on standard weaver rails

You cannot hope to optimize your efficiency and accuracy in the hunting field if you lack a solid scope mount. The good news about this scope is that it was designed in such a way that makes it easy to mount on your standard weaver rails. This feature makes it quite simple for you to operate the scope on most weaver rails. The set up is fast and efficient and gives you all the confidence that you need to work effectively in the field. The quality of mounting contributes to the scope’s precision.

Gun owners who have faced problems installing rifle scopes on their firearms will find this scope remarkably easy to fix and use. Even if you are a novice on matters of rifle scopes, this device s designed to make your work easier and faster than many other scopes that you may have encountered in your hunting life. You do not need a lot of details to understand the easy steps of mounting this scope. Certainly, the designers of this scope intended it for general hunting.

8. LONG Battery life for extended action

Among the most unpleasant experiences for any hunter is to watch the battery of their scope die out while in the middle of some intense action. Unfortunately, many hunters experience this nightmarish feeling on many occasions. The situation can be more disgusting when the nature of the hunt demands top-level stealth in dimly lit conditions. That is precisely what the makers of this scope had in mind when they enhanced its battery life to an average of 40-hour duration.

Generally, a battery life of 40 hours is what a devout hunter requires to optimize the efficiency of the hunting experience. You have to consider the fact that the adventure of hunting usually entails extended periods that require a powerful battery at every instant. The Armasight ORION 5X has multiple functions whose efficiency is largely determined by the quality and performance of the battery. Most reviewers have expressed their satisfaction with the quality and life of this scope’s battery.

9. POWERFUL Resolution for higher clarity

This night vision cope achieves a great resolution that gives you greater functional advantage that your competitor. Its resolution stands at 30-40 lp/mm, which is quite sufficient to give you the clarity that you need when you are focusing on hogs and other targets on a tricky hunting terrain. Both learners and experienced hunters find this resolution appropriate for hunting deer and animals that only show up when its dark. The sharpness of your focus and the clarity of your vision rely on this resolution.

Obviously, it is not easy to hunt and kill what you cannot see clearly. Highly experienced hunters are capable of hitting their long-range targets by relying on the combined advantage of skills and instinct. However, such hunters can surpass their average levels of performance and efficiency if they use a scope with powerful resolution. The resolution of this scope remains stable and reliable for a long term provided that the battery supplies sufficient power for an extended hunting adventure.

10. VARIABLE Reticle brightness

The superiority of night vision intensity for which this scope is acknowledged is determined by its capacity to supply a proportionate level of current through its light-emitting diode. The reticle brightness is variable in a way that allows you to control its intensity as the situation may require. Achieving a high quality of brightness is a crucial enhancer of precision. You simply vary the brightness in accordance with the amount of ambient light that you receive.

The automatic functioning of the variable reticle brightness makes your work easier since you only focus on matters that enhance the efficiency of the shots. You will notice that the images that register on the scope are clearly defined in such a manner that allows you to achieve great tactical efficiency. You can expect to hit long-range targets in poor light by relying on this feature, which makes this scope very effective for nighttime hunting.


* Designed for long range focus.
* Achieved superior magnification.
* Long battery life for extended action.
* Robust construction for durability.
* Features multiple ergonomic features.
* Water-resistant design


* Some users contend that the screen may flicker while taking shots.
* Other users think that this scope is uncomfortably heavy.


Q. Does this scope come with a warranty?
A. Yes, it comes with a limited 2-year warranty.

Q. How much does this scope weigh?
A. It weighs 1.7 Kg

Q. What is its range of focus?
A. Its 10m to infinity.

Reviewers’ Opinions

This product is rated at 4.6 stars after 31 customer reviews on Many customers were pleased with its water-resistant body and the superior functional ability of the long-range infrared illuminator. Other customers expressed their satisfaction with the 5x magnification, which they found quite effective for focusing on distant targets. However, some reviewers thought that the scope was a bit too heavy for comfort. Generally, the reviewers were pleased with its qualities.

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Wrap Up

This scope is both versatile and convenient for long-range action. It is superbly engineered for high performance and durability. Many users find it quite user-friendly and lightweight. This scope is also fairly priced visually appealing. It is highly recommended for sports and nighttime hunting.

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Scope Review
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    I hunt with a .35 Whelen – will this scope withstand the recoil from this rifle? Also, at what distance can I shoot on a dark night?

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