UTG Bug Buster vs. UTG SWAT Riflescope

Choosing the ideal riflescope is indispensable in game hunting as it can simplify the process of zeroing in on targets. Which undoubtedly enables hunters to achieve a high level of accuracy that would ordinarily not be possible without the services of these products. Leapers happens to be one of the leading makers of riflescopes that are specifically designed for all manner of hunting applications. Be it big hunting , predator hunting or even tactical hunting.

1. UTG Bug Buster

UTG 3-9X32 1in BugBuster Scope AO RGB Mil-dot QD Rings

Some of the best of these innovative products are the UTG Bug Buster and UTG SWAT both of which are popular with big game hunters. Essentially these rifle scopes come with more or less similar features and specifications, which can definitely make it extremely challenging to pinpoint just which is the best. However, this is by no means an impossible task, and this article is geared to compare and contrast what each has to offer. Well without further ado let us get into the swing of things.

UTG Bug Buster vs. UTG SWAT

To begin with, the sizes of these two riflescopes are markedly different from each other. The UTG Bug Buster features a 1” single piece tube, while the SWAT comes with a 30 mm single piece tube. This makes the latter more compact of the two, and this undeniably makes it more versatile when it comes to its capability of been mounted on a wide range of hunting rifles.

As for reticle illumination the Bug Buster features illumination color options of either red or green. While the UTG SWAT comes with an illumination enhancing reticle that has both multicolored and personalized illumination modes. With a broad spectrum of 36 different colors, from which you can conveniently select the ideal one that matches your needs and preferences.

Both these Leapers rifle scopes have zero lockable and resettable target turrets that come with precise ¼ MOA / click adjustment. Which are designed to facilitate for optimal field adjustments accuracy for a heightened and precision based shooting experience. These two features also significantly do away with the need for constant resetting as they can effortlessly maintain the user’s pre-adjusted settings. This makes sure that they fully concentrate on their shooting without the need to repeatedly adjust the riflescope as is the case with many other alternatives. Which obviously save much time when engaged on a game hunting expedition.


UTG Bug Buster vs SWAT

The UTG Bug Buster features a variable power magnification of from 3X to 9X. While the SWAT, on its part, also has a variable magnification of 3X to 12X. This makes the latter arguably the better of the two as it can conveniently ensure precise target acquisition in both short and long range game shooting.

Both these rifle scopes come with parallax settings. The UTG SWAT features a side wheel adjustable turret (SWAT) that provides for accurate parallax adjustments from a distance of 10 yards to infinity. The Bug Buster, on the other hand, has an adjustable objective that facilitates for parallax free shooting from the distance of 3 yards to infinity, which gives it a slightly wider range than the SWAT.

Both these products come with emerald multicoated optics that feature integrated sunshades, which eliminate glare. These unique lenses also offer optimal light transmission even in the most dismal lighting and weather conditions. This facilitates for maximum accuracy in virtually any hunting environment.

These Leapers rifle scopes are water resistant, fog proof as well as shock proof. Which undoubtedly makes both of them extremely durable and ideal to use in any shooting circumstance. They also come with an efficient range estimating mil-dot reticle that guarantees optimal shooting performance. This reticle has 6 dots on either direction of the cross hair, which offers a remarkable 13 different aiming points for precise windage and elevation adjustments. Both the UTG Bug Buster and the UTG SWAT come with fast focus eyepieces and eye relief that ensures protection to the user’s eyes even after the strongest recoils.


As you can see for yourself these Leapers riflescopes have basically the same features and specifications. Apart from their slightly different magnification ranges, parallax settings and illumination. All in all, any of these two rifle scopes can be just be what you need to enhance the accuracy of your hunting in ways you never thought possible. This makes choosing between them a matter of personal taste.

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