Detailed Bushnell Banner Illuminated Crossfire Review With Video

Bushnell Banner Illuminated Crossfire 500 Reticle Riflescope, 4-16x 40mm Buy rifle scope

The Bushnell banner is a remarkable riflescope that is widely acclaimed for its unmatched versatility of utilization in critical hunting applications. In a nutshell this product offers optimal brightness, it is highly precise and also extremely reliable. This riflescope is very deadly in virtually any kind of lighting. Be it be very early in the morning or late in evening, this product still delivers unerring accuracy. Below is an insight.

Let us now take a look at some of the most notable features of this riflescope.

1. Features and Technical Specifications of the Bushnell Banner

The Bushnell crossfire 500 comes with an illuminated CF 500 ballistic reticle. This feature permits users to choose from either red or green illumination whenever they wish to do so. The red illumination shines the most in particularly sunny days while the green one works exceptionally well in dim lighting conditions. Whatsoever lighting circumstances you may be operating in, this riflescope can effortlessly adapt to it, without in any way compromising its high level of precision.

This product features dusk and dawn brightness (DDB) lenses that provide for optimal clarity of vision even in the most dismal lighting. This enables users to easily execute rapid and accurate target acquisition from long distances. This Bushnell riflescope comes with a powerful variable magnification range of from 4X to 16X. Which when coupled with its fast focus eyepiece, permits users to be in an excellent position to achieve long range precision. It is noted for having aiming points that feature a dead-on accuracy of up to 500 yards.

It also has fully multi coated optics that further reinforce its brightness. Which facilitates for getting clear and crisp views of targets, even when they are at a considerable distance away. This presents for a hassle-free and highly rewarding hunting all the day long. The Bushnell crossfire 500 is of a tough one inch single piece construction that offers a remarkably wide field of vision that is prerequisite in game hunting.

It also integrates dry nitrogen filing which makes sure that its internal components are protected from exposure to the elements. This goes a long way in making this product highly durable and dependable in almost any kind of prevailing weather conditions. This riflescope comes with a ¼ MOA resettable fingertip windage as well as elevation adjustments that makes it invaluable in any shooting applications. Most especially those which are executed at long distances, that in this particular case is game hunting.

To sum up:

· This Bushnell riflescope like earlier stated is unmatched when it comes to versatility of utilization. It comes totally waterproof and fog proof. These two attributes effortlessly enables users to proceed with their shooting even when operating in adverse weather conditions. It also permits hunters to add more time to their expeditions, both at dawn and also dusk. Which as most seasoned hunters would readily appreciate happen to be the most productive moments.

· It is also totally shock proof and features an extremely rugged and reliable construction, and can easily withstand impact and any other damage that arise from frequently usage.

· The Bushnell banner integrates an all-round configuration that offers long distance precision for centre fire rifles, this is thanks to its CF 500 ballistic reticle.

Should you buy it?

Despite these two flaws, this riflescope is arguably one of the best when it comes to long range hunting applications. It comes with plenty of unique and highly indispensable features and specifications that make it stand out from the rest of the pack. This includes the CF 500 illuminated ballistic reticle, fully multi coated optics, variable magnification, its ruggedness and reliability. To make thing even better, it can be used in virtually weather condition and lighting. You can never go wrong by investing in this one of a kind riflescope for your hunting expeditions. This is an insight with this respect.




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