Rifle Scope Repair

Ever since I started using my Dad’s binoculars decades ago, my passion for optical lenses has grown tremendously. I got to experience clear and detailed views of objects that were so far away, and this experience got my attention. THE RIFLE SCOPE There have been incredible improvements in scope technology ever since Hans Lippershey made […]

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Empty view inside a military monocular. Night vision theme.

Night Vision Contact Lenses

Night vision scopes are great and all, but imagine being able to just pop in a set of contacts and be able to see in the dark! An ultrathin light detector that can sense wavelengths our eyes can’t see has the potential to put heat vision technology into a contact lens, its University of Michigan […]

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Tactical Scope rings Weaver inch

The Importance of Rifle Scope Rings

Shooting is a sport for some people and a profession as well for a certain section of the population. One of the main ingredients of a good shooter is that he or she should have an uncanny aim. He or she should be having some of the best equipment with them. Usually, you can see […]

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Military Laser rangefinder LRB e

How Do Rangefinders Actually Work

Rangefinders measure distances between targets and the observer. In the past, distances to targets were estimated using known information such as premeasured distances and/or average target sizes. Today, technology can reduce the amount of guessing required to distance objects. Typical consumer rangefinders are of the handheld laser variety, which use (you guessed it) lasers to […]

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How to clean a rifle scope properly e

How to clean a rifle scope properly

A rifle scope happens to be an extremely intricate device, that in most of the high quality brands, integrates high definition multicoated optics. These kinds of lenses are in a position of offering optimal light transmission and also unparalleled clarity of vision that makes these products indispensable in high precision shooting. However, to derive an […]

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