How to clean a rifle scope properly

How to clean a rifle scope properly

A rifle scope happens to be an extremely intricate device, that in most of the high quality brands, integrates high definition multicoated optics. These kinds of lenses are in a position of offering optimal light transmission and also unparalleled clarity of vision that makes these products indispensable in high precision shooting.

However, to derive an it is mandatory to not just follow the most useful shooting tips but also to make sure that is always clean at all times. Dirt, dust or even smudges that accumulate on the lenses with extended usage, most often than not minimize these products crispness and sharpness. Most especially in poor lighting conditions such as dawn and dusk . Additionally, a riflescope’s clarity can be significantly impaired during the daytime when sunlight hits dirt or dust particles that may be on the front of the lens. Particularly when the scope is positioned in a direction that sunlight directly strikes the front lens.

Apart from facilitating for peak performance, regular cleaning of a riflescope can go a long way in prolonging its life. While also preventing its multicoated optics from sustaining serious damages. Despite this fact, not everyone knows how to clean these products properly. And undertaking such a process without sufficient care can do much more harm than good to its functionality. To this end, this article is geared to outline in a step by step manner how to effectively, and more to the point safely carry out this task.

Without further ado let us get into the mix of things.

The best way to clean your rifle scope properly

To begin with, you should start by gently brushing off the large particles of dust and dirt that may have accumulated on the surface of the lens. You should make use of a soft bristle brush that cannot make scratches on the lens. While doing this, always make it a point to ensure that the brush is totally free of oil or grease. This will prevent such contaminants been transferred to the surface of the glass.

After brushing the lens the next step is to attempt to eliminate minor smudges and fingerprints blotches from the lens. It is highly recommended to make use of a soft, thick and, more importantly, chemical free microfiber cloth. Unlike an ordinary cotton cloth that has circular shaped fibers that can spread oil smudges, a microfiber cloth comes with triangular fibers. This enables such a cleaning cloth to wipe down on the surface of the glass just as a squeegee would do. This can permit you to comprehensively eliminate any smudges from your riflescope in hassle-free manner. The thickness of such a fabric is also very important as it allows you to sweep off diminutive particles into it, instead of dragging them across the surface of the lens.

When it comes to advanced riflescope cleaning in the attempt to eliminate stubborn residues such as dried water spots or even pollen that get stuck on the either the front or back lens. It is highly advisable to make use of a suitable anti-fog lens cleaning formulation along with premium grade tissues.

You should begin by pouring a few drops of the liquid formulation onto a wad of tissue. Then, making use of a circular motion, commence at the center of the lens and proceed to move towards the outer edges. Doing this will enable you remove most of the stubborn oil stains as well as smudges from the surface of the glass. Next you should immediately make use of a dry wad of the cleaning tissue to eliminate any fluid that may have remained on the surface of lens. Continue doing this until the moment the lens is completely clean and polished. When it comes to the anti-fog lens cleaning agent, it is very important not to use a quick drying formulation. Such fluids tend to dry up very quickly and can leave residues dried up on the glass’s surface before they can be eliminated, which makes the task counterproductive.


As you can see, cleaning a riflescope is not a very complicated task. By following these simple steps you can be in an excellent position to make sure that your scope is always reliable when you need it most. One critical thing to always remember is to always settle for top quality cleaning tools to prevent further damage. Should you not know where to obtain such products you can visit Hope this tutorial on how to clean a riflescope has been insightful.


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    I tho i would need more equipment, but this is simple but still it does the job. Thanks for the awesome tut!

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    Well they are more sophisticated ways that cost more, but for do it yourself this is an nice tutorial. Well done.

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    I do it exactly this way, thanks for pointing out the most simple, right way 😀

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