Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope Review

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope
The Firefield FF16001 NVRS was designed with enhanced clarity and sharpness, which makes it ideal for nighttime hog hunting. The manufacturer ensured that this night vision scope achieves a high 3x magnification that helps to bring the targets into sharp focus. The combined effects of this qualities allows you to aim and hit long-range objects with awesome precision. The user-friendly controls are particularly useful when you want to achieve intense imaging of distant targets. The functional efficiency of the IR illuminator the image resolution enhances are some of the outstanding strengths of this device.

1. Important Features

* Rock-solid titanium body
* High 3x magnification
* Built-in IR illuminator
* Quick-detach weaver mount
* High quality image and resolution
* Ergonomic design

2. Key Qualities

1. ROBUST Design

In most respects, the Firefield FF16001 Night Vision Riflescope is suited for intense nighttime hog hunting. The body is sufficiently rugged to protect other features from mechanical shocks and hard impact. Hunting at night often entails intense physical actions and movements that need a strong scope that is not easily susceptible to damage. This night vision scope is uniquely engineered with a rock-solid titanium body that makes it endure the physical challenges in pitch darkness. You will also find it ideal for hunting in uncharted or unfamiliar terrains because of its versatile qualities.

2. POWERFUL Magnification

If you are looking for a night vision scope with a powerful magnification that can allow you to hit a three-inch bull’s eye at 100 yards, do not look any further. With the strength of 3x magnification, you are sure to hit your target without much strain. In fact, many current and previous users have remarked fondly about the level of magnification, which they consider as an exceptional strength of this scope. Generally, a night vision scope with enhanced clarity and sufficient magnification always guarantees greater levels of accuracy when hunting hogs in fields full of obstacles.

3. ENHANCED Illumination

One of the distinguishing features of this night vision scope is its quality of illumination. This product comes with an in-built IR illuminator that works effectively in great darkness. The quality of illumination is always a crucial determinant of the level of precision that a night vision scope can achieve. You do not need any other light to support the functioning of this riflescope. The designers ensured that the mechanisms of the IR illumination functions in perfect harmony with other features in order to bring the image into optimum clarity. This aspect of its function might explain its growing preference in the hunting fields.


Apart from the advantage of its rugged body, this scope was built with exceptional ergonomic features that make it truly user-friendly. The unique shape and small size makes it easy to mount and hold without incurring any inconveniences. Night vision scopes that come without sufficient ergonomic aspects can easily compromise your effectiveness because of the resultant operational challenges. The ergonomic advantages of the Firefield FF16001 quickens the task of mounting and adjusting, particularly when searching for a clear view. In many ways, this quality is one of the outstanding merits of this night vision scope.

5. TITANIUM Reinforcement

The choice of titanium as the main material for this scope was based on the material’s acknowledged strengths. First, titanium has a remarkable resistance against corrosion. Such a characteristic is necessary for preserving a device whose utility is mainly outdoors and in the full exposure of the elements. Besides, titanium is highly resistant to heat and has a low density. Moreover, its melting point is low, which suits it to the difficult conditions of nighttime hunting. Once you trust the sturdiness of this scope, your attention shifts to its enhancing its performance.


You might want to try out this night vision scope because of its lightweight advantage. In a remarkable sense, this advantage surpasses many other night vision scopes within its price range. It might be difficult to find a better scope at the same price given that this one combines the conveniences of lightweight and durability. The lightweight quality makes it easy to carry and operate the FF16001 night vision scope, especially in darkness. Weight can be a major distraction, particularly in a situation like hunting in the night where utmost concentration remains a crucial factor of success. You might consider this quality as a crucial enhancer of accuracy when zeroing in on the target.

3. Pros

* Powerful magnification
* Strong and durable
* User-friendly in pitch darkness
* Ample field of view
* Enhanced clarity and sharpness
* Achieves intense imaging

4. Cons

1. Some users contend that the mount of the Firefield FF16001 NVRS is not sufficiently stable. However, it is easy to adjust it and make it work properly with a little tightening.

2. Other reviewers say that the quick release lever may not work well at first. A little experience with the lever often makes the operation easier, particularly for first-time users. The device is generally user-friendly.

5. FAQs

Q. What is the product dimension of the Firefield FF16001 NVRS?
A. The product dimensions are 9 x 3.2 x 3.4 inches.

Q. What type of batteries does this night vision scope use?
A. This scope is powered by 2 Lithium ion batteries

Q. What is the product’s country of origin?
A. Belarus

Reviews on Amazon

So far, this night vision scope has attracted 3.9 stars out of a possible maximum of 5 stars on Many of the reviewers who expressed their satisfaction with the Firefield FF16001 based their views on its superior magnification, intense imaging and clarity. There appears to be a general approval over the quality of the IR illumination system of the device. Others liked the product because of its durability and lightweight advantage. Those who expressed their reservations cited technical difficulties with the mount and the lever. Overall, the score remains above average.

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6. Final Verdict

The Firefield FF16001 night vision scope has unique strengths that make it suitable for hunting hogs in darkness. The functional merits of this device exceed many ordinary night vision scopes in terms of magnification and clarity. Besides, the IR light mechanism remains works perfectly in enabling precise shots over long yards. The device has unique ergonomic features and a quality of durability that enhances its effectiveness in demanding situations. As such, this device is recommended for avid hog hunters who wish to improve the accuracy of their shots and the efficiency of their operations.

Firefield FF16001 NVRS 3x 42mm Gen 1 Night Vision Riflescope Review
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