The Importance of Rifle Scope Rings


Shooting is a sport for some people and a profession as well for a certain section of the population. One of the main ingredients of a good shooter is that he or she should have an uncanny aim. He or she should be having some of the best equipment with them. Usually, you can see shooters take great care of their equipment. They go into the details of the functioning and keep the equipment in perfect working shape most of the time.
The Rifle accessories:
There are many accessories to a shooting rifle. The scope is a very important one at that. People go to great lengths to choose the perfect scope. It is reasonable too, considering the fact that the scope can help you to take perfect aim under all circumstances. The scope is important. At the same time, there are certain smaller ingredients that are also of equal importance. One such ingredient is the rifle scope rings.
What are rifle scope rings?
Before we proceed to know about the importance of the rifle scope rings, you should have a clear idea in your mind as to what are rifle scope rings. The rifle scope rings are in fact, circular clamps that would enable you to attach a scope to a particular rifle having pre-installed mounting bases. In simple terms, the rifle scope rings hold the scope in place while you use the rifle. Now you would have understood the importance of the rifle scope rings.
Things to look for in quality rifle scope rings:
You can find many influencing factors when you go for the purchase of the rifle scope rings. They can vary from the price of the rings, material used for the manufacture of the rings, as well as the reputation of the manufacturers.
The most important aspect of the rifle scope rings is that it should match with the most appropriate mounting base. Hence, it becomes imperative for you to ascertain the mounting base of your rifle before venturing out to purchase the scope rings. Usually, you find most of the top notch shooters preferring the Weaver’ style base. Thus, you will find most of the companies that manufacture rifle scope rings adhering to the Weaver style base.

The material used for manufacturing scope rings:
An overwhelming majority of scope ring manufacturers use either aluminum or steel to manufacture the rifle scope rings. Out of the two, you can easily see that the steel rings would be the sturdier. The steel rings would be compact and manage to hold on to the round shape for a longer period. The aluminum is a softer metal and hence can disfigure easily in case you drop the rifle on the ground etc.
The manufacturers use the machining method to manufacture the steel rings whereas they use the method of extrusion to manufacture the aluminum rings. However, from the viewpoint of accuracy, the aluminum ones score higher. You can make these rings to order and declare your preferences to the manufacturer in case you want any additional feature such as a camouflage finish and so on.
The height of the rings is another deciding factor when you go for their acquisition. You can find these rings in the low, medium or the high ranges. However, the height factor depends on the type of scope you use as well as the ocular ball size.
Installation of the rifle scope rings:
The prime area of importance as far as rifle scope rings are concerned is the proper installation of the same. This can result in the shooter taking a better aim. This will also ensure that the rings do not loosen because of the natural recoil of the rifle when you take a shot. In case the rings are too loose will affect the accuracy. Tighter rings can damage the scope rendering it unusable. Hence, it becomes essential for the rings to be of the perfect size. It is very important for you to match the inner diameter of the ring with the outer diameter of the scope. The best rings are those that allow the mounting of the scope close to the barrel of the rifle without touching the same. Once you ensure this aspect, you will be able to take better aim and hit the target accurately. You should use a standard quality of thread locker to ensure that the screws do not loosen as and when the gun recoils.
Different kinds of rifle scope ring.
You have just seen the common rifle scope rings as well as its importance. However, there are many other types of rings too. We shall see some of them for the sake of knowledge.
• Extension rings: You use this type of rings when you want to set the scope to sit at a higher point on the rifle. You can also see the use of this kind of extension rings when you use a shorter scope on a rifle having a larger receiver.
• Quick release rings: These are another type of popular rings. You may require dismounting the scope from the rifle when you clean it. Cleaning the rifle is a frequent activity. The quick release rings enable you to remove the scope easily without causing any damage. Such rings are also useful when the shooter has multiple scopes to use depending on the distance of the target. Hunters, especially love these kinds of rings, as they frequently change the scopes depending on the animal they target.
• Offset scope rings: You install these types of scope rings on the sides of the rifle. Some action styles of guns do require such side mounting of the scopes. Sometimes, you may find the rifle coming with readymade scopes. You can install additional scopes by using the offset scope rings.
The rifle scope rings are a very important aspect of the rifle. A shooter should take good care of his or her equipment. Installing appropriate scope rings are of utmost importance. The shooter should take care to ensure that they do it at any cost.



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  1. Fernando Auamenta July 9, 2016 at 3:47 pm #

    I’m new to usage of scopes, also to the hole hunting thing, but this is an really useful tutorial for scopes, thanks for sharing it!!

  2. Carlos Sanatos July 12, 2016 at 1:25 pm #

    Well everybody knows the importance of scope rings, but not much people know what differs them. Nicely written, this is exactly what i know about 🙂

  3. Felix Rowe July 13, 2016 at 9:12 am #

    Rifle Scope Rings are a must there is no doubt, anyway i know some crazy people that use rifles without them but they get often issues.

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