J&K Outdoor Products Nyte Vu 30mm Scope Converter Review


The Nyte Vu 30mm Scope Converter was designed with top-of-the-line features that enhance the performance of both experienced and novice shooters. Some of its notable features include the infrared illuminator and the removable camera. You might also prefer to work with it because of its quick detach rail system that is sure to boosts your speed of action.

Many customers regard this device as one of the most effective scope converters for use in the hunt for wild boars and coyotes in the trickiest of terrains. This rifle scope converter is highly versatile because it can be used for hunting, military purposes, and law enforcement. Many shooters like it because it mounts easily on any scopes for rifles and pistols.

Unaccustomed users are finding this scope quite ideal for focusing and recording of their targets before the decisive moment of taking the shot. This means that you get to relive some of the most memorable moments of the hunt with friends and loved ones after the action. In fact, this scope gives you the rare advantage of viewing your target at a distance of up to 300 feet in pitch darkness.

1. Important Features:

* Removable Miniature Camera.
* Portable Lightweight Construction.
* Quick Detach Rail System.
* Compatible with Nyte Vu Night Vision Goggles.
* Records Viewed Objects.

2. Features in Details:

1. REMOVABLE Miniature Camera.

Many scope converters are designed to offer great tactical advantage to the shooter and preserve some action for the sake of memory or analysis. The Nyte Vu 30mm scope converter engages you fully in an immersive shooting action because of its removable miniature camera. You get some top-quality action and get a great display of the video to enhance your overall performance.

A fast and furious shooter is bound to find it easier to work with this scope because he or she does not have to shoulder the weapon around corners. The miniature camera is designed to allow you to shoot easily around corners. Another notable merit is that the camera is both lightweight and user-friendly, particularly for users accustomed to extended hunting sessions.

2. PORTABLE Lightweight Construction.

Compared to other converters on the market, the J&K Outdoor Products Nyte Vu is a highly portable device that allows you some greater capacity for maneuver than many comparable devices. You can work with it for long hours across a vast hunting field without incurring the kind of enormous fatigue that people usually experience with other similar machines.

The quality of portability usually plays a very important role when it comes to tactical accuracy. The designers of this scope converter ensured that it is both portable and simple in appearance in order to uplift its user-friendly advantage. The capacity to work with stealth in a vast shooting field remains one of the important enhancers of success in any rifle action.

3. QUICK Detach Relay System.

This scope converter comes with a quick detach relay system, which offers crucial support to those with a passion for fast action. You will discover its immense convenience in situations where prompt conversion of the weapon is crucial. Another notable aspect about this relay system is that it works with great efficiency without jamming.

Many experienced shooters welcomed this device with great regard because of its outstanding merits such as the easy-to-use controls. You may think of this converter as the ideal backup for your next shooting challenge if you have a lasting passion for competitive sports. The high definition of its reticle displays contributes a lot to its top-level performance.

4. COMPATIBLE With Nyte Vu Goggles.

The acknowledged night vision clarity of this device can be explained in terms of its compatibility with Nyte Vu Night Vision goggles. That is why the device is ranked high among the most recommended devices for stealth missions and nighttime action that requires exceptional levels of precision. Using it together with the night vision goggles enhances its overall performance.

In particular, this aspect of compatibility offers the best advantage with regard to offering top quality reticle displays especially when you have to trace, locate, and engage a target that is located hundreds of mile in the darkness. You will appreciate the performance of this scope when the time comes for hunting coyotes on the rampage in a vast dark field.

5. WATERPROOF Material for Protection.

This Nyte Vu Scope Converter is designed with a waterproof material cover that offers top-level protection against the elements. Considering that most of the hunting expeditions take place in unpredictable weather conditions, you need to work with a scope that is less susceptible to the perils of snow, rain, or other conditions that might compromise the functioning of the gadget.

Apart from the merit of waterproofing, the robust cover of this scope converter shields it from hard impact and other mechanical shocks that may damage some of its delicate parts. Given the robustness of its construction and its great shielding from the corrosive or damaging effects of the elements, unaccustomed users should expect it to last longer than ordinary devices.

3. Pros:

* Able to shoot around corners.
* Can record objects in great darkness.
* Enhances the quality of reticle displays.
* Conveniently lightweight.
* Works well with Nyte Vu night.
* Robust and durable construction.

4. Cons:

* Some customers think that the scope converter is not sufficiently enhanced for nighttime action.

5. FAQs.

Q. What is the product weight of this scope converter?
A. This scope converter weighs 1 pound.

Q. Does this scope converter work with any rifle?
A. Yes, the device works well for most rifles.

6. Customers Views.

As of now, this device enjoys a full 5 star rating on Amazon.com after a single rating. Some customers who have commented about it on alternative sights also commented favorably about its combined advantages of clarity, user-friendly appeal, and lightweight advantage. At least one negative remark was based on doubts about its long-range utility. So far, the product has earned great levels of confidence from the market.

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7. Final Verdict.

In one sentence, this scope converter is convenient, lightweight, and uniquely versatile. Its capacity to enable the user to shoot around corners is one of its primary merits. It is highly recommended for shooting enthusiasts with great passion in night vision hunting. In nearly every respect, the scope converter is a worthy device for its price.



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