My Experiences with Leapers UTG Rifle Scopes

Experiences with Leapers UTG Rifle ScopesLeapers are undoubtedly the market leaders in the rifle scopes manufacturing industry. This can easily be attested in the versatility of the various products they offer, which are specifically designed for a wide range of game hunting applications. This includes big game hunting, tactical hunting, predator hunting and so forth.

Many a Leapers UTG rifle scope come with highly revolutionary features ad specifications, that quite simply put them a cut above the rest. Features such as the innovative red and green illumination systems, the extra strong and resilient true strength platform and also the fully multicoated emerald optics have made these products extremely popular. These products can be effortlessly be utilized for virtually any kind of field operations, without in any way compromising their unmatched reliability, and more to the point accuracy.

The following is my experiences with one of the most in demand Leapers rifle scopes; the UTG Bug Buster, which I believe can ably represent all other products from this firm.





My experiences with the Leapers UTG Bug Buster
UTG 3-9X32 1in BugBuster Scope AO, RGB Mil-dot QD Rings
Like all rifle scopes from Leapers, the Bug Buster has been constructed on this company’s signature true strength platform. This one of a kind construction integrates a smart spherical structure (SSS) that basically controls the joint like interconnectivity between these scopes’ inner and outer tubes. This ingenious design gives the Bug Buster, and in essence, all Leaper rifle scopes an unmatched level of durable dependability. This has over my experience as a hunterpermitted me to perform precise windage and elevation adjustments whenever necessary. Which has significantly reduced the time I spend making field adjustments, enabling me to fully focus on my targets.

Many a Leapers UTG rifle scope such as my beloved Bug Buster come with a range estimating mil-dot reticle that facilitates for stress-free and optimal aiming and shooting performance. In typically virtually any kind of hunting applications you may have in mind. Unlike most other mil-dot reticles currently in the market, those found in Leapers rifle scopes incorporate a unique feature that this firm labels as a tactical range estimating (TRE) functionality. That goes a long way in enhancing the performance of these products in ways that were previously thought to be impossible.

Most regular mil-dot reticles offer 4 dots on either direction of the cross hair, which presents only 9 different aiming points for windage and elevation adjustments. On the flipside, most Leapers rifle scopes come with 9 dots on either direction of the cross hair. This presents 19 different aiming points ! Many a Leapers UTG rifle scope also feature premium zero resettable and lockable target turrets that facilitate for precise ¼ MOA/ click windage and elevation adjustments.


This has permitted me time and again to make accurate field adjustments. While also enabling me to avoid making constant adjustments as these scopes conveniently maintain the preset settings. Which definitely saves a lot of time that I would ordinarily use to make field adjustments, and permits me to totally focus on my targets.

Like I earlier stated, most Leapers rifle scopes come with red and green illumination that has specifically designed to enhance precision in diverse hunting settings. As well as any prevailing weather conditions and even lighting conditions. Many a Leapers UTG rifle scope such as the Bug Buster feature fully multicoated emerald optics that provide optimal light transmission in virtually in kind of situation.

They also feature a parallax free setting, which for my Bug Buster means from a distance of 3 yard to infinity. This is made possible by their wide angle first objective lenses. Making these products ideal for both short and long range hunting applications as I have come to discover for myself. This products, like previously stated integrate Leaper’s true strength platform. Which means they are shock proof , fog proof and also waterproof, giving them an unmatched ruggedness and durability that I have put to use on many occasions. Most of these rifle scopes also come with a suitable sunshade to eliminate the effects of the sun’s glare, when engaged in daytime hunting.


As you can see for yourself, my experiences with this Leapers product is certainly exceptional. This firm prides itself in integrating innovative technologies in all the rifle scopes they produce. In a nutshell, with features such as the range estimating mil-dot reticle, dual red and green illumination, parallax free setting and multicoated emerald optics, these rifle scopes are certainly in a class of their own.



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  1. AustinsOPpPowers July 12, 2016 at 2:12 pm #

    If you are looking for a secondary scope that is accurate, this is a must go!!!

  2. Porky July 12, 2016 at 2:54 pm #

    Well for a second set but still they got like the huge objective lens, and low magnification. However i do skip this manufacture when I’m Looking for some lenses

  3. Ben aflick July 12, 2016 at 3:12 pm #

    What the fair price for this scope? I found some but the price is not fixed on every place so what is it worth?

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