Detailed Nikon Buckmaster Review With Video

Nikon Buckmaster Review Buy rifle scope

Nikon has for many years made a solid reputation for itself as one the foremost manufacturers of professional-grade cameras and lenses. This firm has also decided to branch out into the sports optical systems industry, and one of the most widely acclaimed products in this category is the Nikon Buckmaster series. This riflescope comes with diverse unique features and specifications that effectually made it extremely popular with a lot of hunters.

Well, without further ado let us now take a much closer look at the technical specifications of this Nikon riflescope.

1. Features of the Nikon Buckmaster

1. Patented BDC reticle

This product features a patented BDC reticle that can effortlessly facilitate for effortless holdovers for up to 600 yards. This reticle comes with a handy trajectory compensating system that has been specifically calibrated to offer quick and highly simplified aiming points for a wide range of shooting distances. This innovative feature also has distinctive “see-through” ballistic circles that provide unerring precision for long range shooting. While also permitting clear sights at shorter distances as the crosshair itself can be used as an additional aiming point.

2. Variable power magnification

The Nikon Buckmaster features a variable power magnification function of from 3X to 9X. This its maker asserts can offer plenty of magnification for both target shooting as well as sighting in at high powers (6X – 9X). While also providing for sufficient fields of vision for big game hunting that is conducted at the lower end of the spectrum (3X – 5X). This undoubtedly makes this Nikon riflescope remarkably ideal for both long and short range hunting applications, unlike many other products currently in the market that fall in its price range.

3. BrightVue multicoated optics system

This riflescope comes with an anti-reflective multicoated lenses that is manufacturer asserts can provide for up to 92% anti-reflection capabilities. Which offers optimal levels of light transmission and also exceptional image clarity. Both of which are necessary for dawn-dusk big game hunting.

4. Precise hand-turned ¼ MOA adjustments

The Nikon Buckmaster features accurate fingertip ¼ MOA click windage and elevation adjustments that permit the user to get zeroed in, in a remarkably quick and hassle-free manner. This can significantly reduce the necessary time needed to make adequate field adjustments. Besides, this feature also permits the user to maintain target sighting even after the strongest of recoils.

5. Solid construction

This Nikon riflescope boasts of an exceptionally solid and rugged single piece construction. This product is nitrogen filled and its O-rings are sealed, which makes it totally waterproof, fog proof and also shock resistant. Which allows it to be used in a wide range of prevailing weather conditions, not forgetting diverse hunting environments.

6. Sunshade

The Nikon Buckmaster comes with an optional sunshade that totally does away with the effects of glare in particularly bright hunting conditions. This sunshade can also effectively keep off moisture and dust from this riflescope’s objective lens in especially rainy days or dusty hunting environments respectively.

To sum up:

· This riflescope offers great value for money, and it comes with many features that are only to be found on much costlier alternatives.

· It features an excellent optical system that significantly enhances its accuracy even in harsh weather conditions and also dismal lighting.

· Its BDC reticle permits the holding of “dead ons” at distances exceeding those that were previously deemed possible.

· This Nikon riflescope comes with a lifetime factory warranty.

Should you buy it?

Well, as you can see for yourself the Nikon Buckmaster happens to be one of the best riflescopes currently in the market that are designed specifically for hunting purposes. It offers quite a number of unique and beneficial features that are found on products on the high end price range. This includes its innovative patented BDC reticle, BrightVue multicoated optics system, variable power magnification and also its solid and rugged one piece tube construction.

The optional sunshade also goes a long way in enhancing this product’s efficiency in diverse climatic conditions and hunting environments. This is markedly different from most other similar products in the market. You can never go wrong with opting for this Nikon riflescope whenever you decide to conduct a big game hunting or any other hunting expedition.




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