Detailed Nikon P-223 Review With Video

Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate Buy rifle scope

Even if it’s not your job and hunting is just a hobby to you you should not settle for mediocre scout rifle scopes because they will surely disappoint you. What you’re using has to be of good quality. And that’s the reason why many hunters will take time looking for the best rifle parts.

So today I am going to have a look at one of the most popular rifle scopes on the market. Here is my review of the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate BDC 600:

1. Features and Benefits of the Nikon P-223 3-9×40 Mate

1. 1. Effective Light Transmission enhanced by Multi-coated shade

If you have a vast amount of experience in shooting, you realize that light can prevent you from hitting your target preciously. Outdoor challenge games tend to suffer from light problems especially when the user doesn’t have a proper equipment to prevent excessive light from getting on their way.

The Nikon P-223 has an effective multi-coated system that effectively transmits light by an accuracy of 98%.

2. 2. BDC 600 Reticle Designed for 0.223 Rem or 5.56 NATO round — with 5-grain polymer Trip Bullet

Nikon’s range of superior AR rifles will perform well even for long range distances. You can even compare the vast array of rifle scope models we have in the market, and you’ll find that this particular Nikon rifle scope zeros in where extreme sighting speed is concerned.

3. 3. The Zero Reset Function

It’s hard to maintain field adjustment unless you’re rifle provides for that function. In an attempt to cover for this, the P-223 comes with a feature known as the ”zero reset” function, and this will maintain your current settings on the ground. Regardless of the recoil velocity, you’ll always be on target, courtesy of the 1/4 MOA hand-turn tactical shooting style retice adjustment.

4. 4. Splendid Parallax Settings

When shooting using a rifle, you’ll realize that rifle parallax is an issue that even professionals struggle with when using old model rifles.

Now your main job would be to find a rifle that helps in eliminating or reducing chances of such occurrences taking place. With a 1-yard parallax setting, the P-223 will eliminate all challenges associated with parallax errors. In fact, with such a system handy, you won’t miss a shot on your target just because the gadget you’re using isn’t as precise as it should be.

5. 5. Compatibility with Nikon Products

Have you heard of the spot on Nikon Ballistic Match Technology? With this technology, your Nikon P-223 test shooting will be aimed at the exact position of the target as well as ammunition-loading. And you could even make this feature work better by combining it with other Nikon products.

So I have it that precise shooting and compatibility is the epitome of everything here. And it seems you’d do well if you invested in other Nikon products to help you perform optimally in the fields. There’s no question that all the features here are aimed at enhancing overall performance.

To sum up:

– The multi-coated optical system would be very effective because it uses up to 98% of light.

– The gadget easily zeroes regardless of the sighting speed.

– The zero reset feature is ideal for all types of users since it lets them preserve their current settings even when using it on the ground.

– And since it’s compatible with most Nikon products, you have a peace of mind knowing that compatibility means quality and precious targeting.

Should you buy it?

Before writing this Nikon P-223 review, I was most interested in the product’s ratings and customer reviews. The general consensus is that this type of rifle by Nikon is suitable for all kinds of hunters or shooters and offers great features at a pocket-friendly price tag. Not all rifles with the same specs will retail at such a price. So whether you’re new or a seasoned hunter, there are more reasons to be happy when you have the P-223 in your hands.




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    Greetings! I got an old rifle from my dad and I’m thinking of buying one for myself. I just want to ask for the best recommendation for beginners like me as well as the safest to use. Thank you in advance.

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