5 Rifle Shooting Tips for Beginners

Many rifle shooting beginners get quite excited when they first hold the rifle. I mean, who wouldn’t. This is the only way for them to get into the field and have some good time. But, the joy is usually short-lived once they pull the trigger for the first time. “You are holding the rifle all wrong! Please keep your foot steady! Are you sure you have the right ammo? You’ve got the follow-through all wrong!” These are some of the statements that will be heard in the field. Such comments (at times yelling) have led to faint-hearted individuals walking away and never coming back. The secret to becoming an avid or good sharp shooter lies in how you handle the rifle from the beginning. It doesn’t matter whether you have the best rifle or scope in the market. Knowing how to handle the rifle is what counts from the start to the end. The following are some handy shooting tips that will make you a sharp shooter in no time:

1. 1. Proper Rifle

Before walking into the field of practice, individuals invest in a rifle. Their choice is influenced by several factors. For instance, what their peers are using, the latest designs in the market, affordability, and also marketing. Rifle shooting is more than just having a rifle. It is also about using the ideal product. Before setting out to buy a gun, a prospective shopper needs to ask himself several questions. “What kind of power does the gun deliver? Does it match my physical structure? Does it deliver the right “bang’? What are beginners like me using?” All these questions help in identifying the right rifle. The best product doesn’t have to be the most expensive. Also, it doesn’t have to be the most popular choice. Making the right decision can be tricky. And the best way to reduce the chances of buying a low quality or poor product is by talking to a reputable rifle dealer.

2. 2. Use Rifle Scopes

Rifle Shooting Tips for Beginners

Besides the rifle, there are other accessories that are needed during the shooting. The type of accessory is influenced by the environment, personal preference, instructor, and choice of gun. One of the accessories that many beginners take for granted is the rifle scope. Some will simply ignore it, while others will spend the bare minimum on it. Unknown to them, a scope will determine the time you will spend training. It also influences your experience in the field. A good scope comes with many benefits. One, it improves the accuracy of the shooter by bringing the targets closer. Two, an individual can take shots at objects placed far due to the high rifle range. Three, hitting the mark consistently builds a person’s confidence. Four, hitting objects at a distance becomes easier. It is vital to use quality rifle scopes at all times. Besides improving your view, you also become better-and-better as time passes.

3. 3. Right Environment

The last thing in the mind of many rifle shooting beginners is the kind of environment they will be training. Many take their loaded rifle and head out to the field. However, you will only become a better shooter if the environment favors you and the shooting. For instance, the kind of weather will influence how clear your target is. Can you try imagining taking a shot at a target in misty or foggy weather conditions? Or can you even handle a rifle well in moist or wet weather? The efficacy of the rifle as well as ammo is also affected by the weather. A gun is more responsive in warm weather compared to very cold weather. You are also more likely to see mirages or double images during warm weather compared to low temperatures. Practicing rifle shooting in a noisy environment, or where there is too much disruptions/interruptions yields little or no benefits.

4. 4. Proper Balance

Body balance and posture play a crucial role in learning how to use a rifle. Many ambitious shooters are yet to improve their skills because they have not discovered the right posture. Some arch their backs or necks when taking shots. Others allow the force from the rifle to destabilize them. While others pay little attention to the stability and balance of their body. To become good in rifle shooting it is important to have the correct balance. This usually takes practice, learning from the best, and at times a little trial & error. The first step is finding the best way to place or rest the rifle on the bench. This has nothing to do with stability. You have the option of using a tripod stand or bench. A heavier base/support offers better shots/ aims. The second step is finding the right shoulder pressure. Heavy pressure increases stability; however, it is difficult to maintain especially when making continuous shots.

5. 5. Correct Skill

One of the most helpful shooting tips is knowing how to pull the trigger. This is what determines whether you hit or miss the target. Although the term “pulling the trigger” is commonly used, the correct term should be “pressing the trigger.” Pulling takes lots of slack from the rifle as well as body balance. This affects a person stability as well as accuracy of view just before the shot. Pressing is more precise since it occurs momentarily. A person therefore maintains his balance and stability. The other aspect in learning how to use a rifle is following through. A good shooter doesn’t lose his grip or balance immediately he fires the gun. He will maintain his balance long after taking the shot. The best way of having good follow through is imagining that you are actually following the bullet until it hits the target.

Many individuals who have never handled a rifle think that becoming a good shooter is easy. Some even believe that they can just pick up the rifle and make perfect hits right from the start. Well, truth is that it is not that easy. In fact, without proper training from the beginning, or using the wrong accessories, you will end up frustrated and at times giving up. The above shooting tips will prove to be quite helpful especially for a first-timer. However, one needs to understand that it talks lots of practice, time, and most importantly, patience, to become a good shooter. One of the best ways of improving your skills is by interacting with credible firms arms dealers. A good dealer will stock a wide range of arms and ammo. By engaging a reputable dealer, a rifle shooting beginner is not only assured of quality products, but support as well.

In point 2 I mentioned that it’s very important to use a rifle scope for having success and if you still have some doubt you might want to check out my article on the advantages of using a rifle scope.



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  1. papersoul June 29, 2016 at 9:50 am #

    As a beginning, this was pretty helpful. I would have brushed off purchasing a scope right away because it seems like more of a thing for someone who really knows what they’re doing. But I believe your right, it probably will cut training time down by a lot.

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