Top 5 Best Rifle Scope Mounts, Rings & Bases

Having the appropriate rifle scope mounts system can be the missing link between precision-based shooting and unmatched consistency. These systems consist of bases and rings , which together are designed to keep a rifle scope in steady position. An excellent mounting system can be considered to be the weakest link for an optimal shooting experience. This definitely means that without a proper mount, having a first rate gun or scope is quite simply a sheer waste of time and resources.

Here is our ultimate list of the currently 5 best rifle scope mounting rings & bases:

Burris 410341Burris 41034130 mm$$4.9/5
Nikon P-Series MountNikon P-Series Mount1 inch$4.7/5
Nikon M-223 XR MountNikon M-223 XR Mount1 inch$$4.8/5
NightForce ULTRALITENightForce ULTRALITE30 mm$$$4.8/5
Vortex Low Mounting RingsVortex Low Mounting Rings0.75 inch$4.6/5

Quite often it is challenging to ascertain if the connection is secure or appropriate until the last minute when you assume the shooting stance. An improper mounting system usually manifests itself in inconsistent shooting and wastage of precious time and ammunition. To this end, this article has been designed to elaborate on some of the most common rifle scope mounts currently available in the market and the applications they are used for.

Rifle scope mounts, bases and rings 101

The very first factor that you will need to reflect on when choosing a rifle scope mounting system is to ensure that it can seamlessly fit with your gun. This means that its rifle scope rings have the right dimensions (diameter and height). Which can enable stress-free and accurately placement of the scope on the rifle. Most modern guns now come fitted with bores for mounting scopes, which makes it infinitely convenient and easier to match the exact mounts needed for a particular scope or gun. Rifle scope mounts are typically crafted from either steel or aluminum. The first variety is renowned for their durability and unmatched ability to withstand heavy recoil. Aluminum mounts on the other hand are lightweight and can be an excellent choice for hiking expeditions.

Best Rifle Scope Mounting RingsWhen it comes to rifle scope bases these products are usually one-piece devices that are designed to work hand in hand with rings while also supporting the latter. This facilitates for a snug fit for placing the rifle scope against the barrel of the rifle. Rifle scope rings happen to be 2-piece clamps; the bottom half of which is attached to the base while the scope lies on it. While the upper half is generally is then connected to the bottom part , which enables the riflescope to be held in secure position. The exact dimensions of the scope is what primarily determines how tall the rings ought to be.

Coming back to rifle scope mounts the most critical issue that you need to reflect on is whether you will use the scope on a single or multiple rifles. Should the answer be the first, it will be wise to settle for a fixed rifle scope mounting system. Doing this minimize the challenges of sighting in your scope every now and then. On the flipside if you intend to use your rifle scope on multiple guns, a detachable mounting system can be the best option.

Let us now take a closer look at some of the most popular types of both these products.

Dovetail mounts are the most ancient varieties of these rifle scope mounting systems. They derive their name for featuring a wedge on the bottom part of their rings that is inserted into the rifle scope base and works by allowing the scope to move at a 90 degree angle. These kinds of rifle scope mounts are ideal for heavy old-style rifles such as the Winchester Magnum. This is because they can effortlessly withstand the effects of heavy recoil and protect the scope from damage.

Weaver mounts are the most popular varieties of detachable mounts systems. They utilize flat rails that come with perpendicular slots that are compatible with weaver rings. These extending rails are specifically designed to run under the rings and seamlessly fit to the cross-wise slots found on the base. This configuration prevent rifle scope movement attributed to recoil. Picatinny are also an excellent example of detachable mounting systems, and are very similar to weaver mounts. The only difference been the exact width of slots, with the former been much wider than those on the former. This means that weaver rings can be fitted on to picatinny bases and not the other round.

To sum up:

As you can see there are there are many factors to consider when attempting to select the right rifle scope mounts for exact needs and inclinations. However, what you need to bear in mind is to always determine the exact dimensions that can provide a proper way to keep the rifle scope in an appropriate position. You should determine if you will use the rifle scope on a single gun or multiple ones. This will enable you to decide whether you need a fixed or detachable mounting system.

Top 5 Best Rifle Scope Mounts, Rings & Bases
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