Trijicon RMR 7 MOA Dual-Illuminated Amber Dot Sight Review

Trijicon RMR 7 MOA Dual-Illuminated Amber Dot Sight
With regard to its unique design and functional appeal, this sight surpasses ordinary standards by a significant margin. The Trijicon is ideal for shooters who want to optimize on the aspects of versatility and convenience. Its brightness and contrast levels adjust automatically to the available light conditions. If you are looking for a great optic device that will work well on your rifle, shotgun, carbine and pistol, the Trijicon holds the solution.

The sight achieves great levels of brilliance that enhances its convenience in different conditions of light. It is small in size and conveniently lightweight, just the way any experienced shooter would like. Consider the positive effect of its size and weight in situations where fast aiming is required and you will understand why this sight continues to grow in preference.

1. Important Features

* Patented housing shape for enhanced durability.
* Easily adjustable elevation.
* 7 MOA dual-illuminated RMR.
* True-color multi-coated lens.
* Versatile sight.
* Robust and lightweight body.


2. Features in Details

1. PATENTED Housing shape

The acknowledged advancement of the Trijicon RMR 7 derives partly from the uniqueness of its patented housing shape. The Trijicon’s shape helps to divert the force of any impact away from the lens, which guarantees its durability. Considering the unpredictable nature of the hunting field, the shaping of this sight is a great safeguard against impacts and accidents. Moreover, the design of the housing conveys a remarkable advancement in its visual aesthetics. Notably, this sight is conspicuously elegant.

2. EASILY Adjustable elevation.

You do not need any special tools to adjust the windage or elevation of this device. The designers ensured that the sight adjusts easily with minimal application of force. When used on a lightweight hunting rifle, this device promotes a quick aim and enables you to shoot easily, rapidly and gracefully. Besides, the ease of adjustment allows you to get a clearer view of the object so that you can fire powerful shots with optimum precision. This feature is most appropriate when you are hunting in a vast rugged field where your precision rests on your ability to adjust the sights above the obstacles of the terrain.

3. HIGHLY Effective 7 MOA dual-illuminated RMR

This sight was designed with the special 7 MOA dual-illuminated RMR, which ensures that the brightness and contrast of the light are even and sufficiently spread. The ample brightness is achieved by the illumination of the Tritium-phosphor lamp on the reticle in low light conditions. The fiber optics in the sight enhance the quality of the light by automatically adjusting to the available light conditions. You do not need batteries to achieve this mechanism. Therefore, the Trijicon RMR 7 is less costly in the long term than many alternative sights that need the replacement of batteries on a regular basis.

4. TRUE-Color Multi-coated lens

The level of light transmission is a crucial determinant of the general effectiveness of any sight. The Trijicon comes with super effective true-color multi-coated lens, which enhances the creation of a wide-band light transmission that ensures minimal change in the color surrounding the target area. Such transmission enhances the level of clarity, which makes it possible for you to fire your shots with deadly accuracy. The true-color multi-coated lens guarantees superior focusing power that distinguishes this sight from many others within its price range.

5. VERSATILE Utility advantage.

One of the distinguishing merits of the Trijicon RMR is its versatile utility advantage. This sight works quite well on various types of firearms including hunting rifles, shotguns, pistols and carbines. Besides, the sight can also be used as a convenient secondary sight. This aspect of its utility value is particularly important because of its magnified optics. As a result of this advantage, you only need to buy one Trijicon to use on your different guns without compromising on your hunting skills. The quality of versatility blends well with the sight’s durability to make it exceptionally convenient for regular and intensive usage.

6. LIGHTWEIGHT Body construction.

The lightness of a sight or a scope contributes significantly to the aspects of accuracy, flexibility and clarity. A heavy sight adds to the overall weight of the rifle and complicates the measure of precision, particularly for long range targets. Conveniently, this sight was constructed with lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum, which is both sturdy and lightweight. Shooters who enjoy the aspect of flexibility and enhanced field maneuver will find this sight uniquely convenient in every aspect.

3. Pros

* Conveniently versatile.
* Strong and durable.
* Does not need batteries.
* Unique ergonomic features.
* Optimum light transmission.
* Easily adjustable.

4. Cons

* The dot may be hard to see if you are looking from a dimly lit area to a brighter area.
* Some unaccustomed users may find the window too tiny for comfort.

5. FAQs

Q. What material is the housing of the Trijicon RMR 7 made of?
A. This sight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy housing.

Q. What color is the dot of this sight?
A. The usual color is amber.

What the Reviewers Think

This sight is currently rated 4.5 stars on Many of the reviewers who rated it highly cited its unique convenience and simplicity as some of the governing strengths of the Trijicon. Others commended the designers for the unique design with particular regard to its shape and small size. Versatility, durability and flexibility are other factors that featured prominently among the reviewers’ positive opinions.

Many of the Trijicon RMR 7 MOA Dual-Illuminated Amber Dot Sight Reviews focused on the fact that the sight does not require batteries and switches for it to perform. Those who gave low ratings to this sight based their views on the fact that the dot is not clearly visible when viewing from a dimly lit area to a bright area. Generally, the reviewers acknowledged the exceptional functional strengths of the sight.



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6. Final Verdict

Collectively, the advanced functional capabilities give it a strong edge over other reflex sights within its category and price range. Its automatic adjustment to the available light conditions make it highly convenient for general and specialized usage. The sight is versatile, durable and lightweight. Its body is solidly constructed and waterproof for utmost protection against impacts and the elements. This sight is highly recommended for intensive hunting activities.

Trijicon RMR 7 MOA Dual-Illuminated Amber Dot Sight Review
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