Detailed UTG 4-16X44 AO Review With Video

UTG 4-16X44 30mm Scope Buy rifle scope

When looking for a perfect riflescope, there are many considerations to make. Scopes come with varied specifications aimed at enhancing inner and outer interactions to provide the best short, quick target acquisition and clear illumination. The UTG 30mm is one of the latest and most popular Leapers UTG riflescopes to hit the market. Here is a detailed review including rifle features, advantages and cons.

1. Features of the UTG 30mm Scope

The UTG 4-16×44 comes with a set of innovative features that are built on true-strength platform to offer the best shot. Some of the features you will find in this UTG Rifle Scope include the following;

1. Top quality 30mm tube

To achieve maximum transmission of light, the rifle is designed with the best class of Emerald lens coating. This provides the best clarity and is built on a powerful platform. The tube is also completely sealed and has been filled with nitrogen. Other specifications include fog-proof, shockproof and rainproof. The True-Strength Scope platform allows incorporation of smart spherical structure (SSS) for a simple but strengthened in/out interaction. It also features responsive and precise W/E adjustments resulting in the toughest recoil resistance.

2. Quick power selector rings

This UTG rifle scope comes with 4× to 16× power exhibited by the quick-power rings. It can be used to quickly zoom up to 16× and the 30mm objective lens also allows maximum sunlight. This allows users to achieve perfect target acquisition. A 1-click quick-access technology ensures easy and swift access to any of the favorite colors and brightness in the reticle.

3. All weather features

One of the most sought benefits in rifles is the ability to use even in bad weather. The UTG rifle features innovative EZ-TAP IE (illumination enhancing) system. It includes green and red in the dual-color mode and has 36 different color options for the multi-color mode. This allows users to effortlessly acquire targets regardless of the weather and light conditions. The system is user-friendly and features 2 soft rubber pads for switching between multiple colors.

4. Premium target turrets

The zero-lockable and zero-resettable premium target turrets provide the most consistent and precise click adjustment (1/4 MOA per single adjustment). Users will not lose their zero even with accidental bumping the dial can be realigned for a redial without affecting the zero. The SWAT (side wheel adjustable turrets) can be used to adjust Parallax settings from ten yards to infinity.

5. Mil-dot reticle

The rifle scope has mil-dot range estimation reticle that features a built-in sunshade. This integral addition ensures optimal aiming and unparalleled shooting performance. It also includes top quality lens caps that can be flipped open and the UTG maximum strength Picatinny weaver rings.

There are many other minor features that give the UTG riflescope its distinct characteristics and high shooting performance. The rifle is built on patented technologies and advanced systems to ensure maximum performance for every aspect.

To sum up:

– The UTG 4-16X44 AO can be used in all weather and light conditions
– Powerful zoom (up to 16×)
– Rainproof, shockproof and fog-proof
– Quick target acquisition and perfect illumination
– A wide variety of colors for different backgrounds and environments
– Protective lens caps
– Quick and easy adjustments from a few yards to infinity
– Ergonomic structure and design for comfort aiming and shooting
– Patented technologies and strong platform for reactive shooting
– Comes with a warranty and user manual

Should you buy it?

The UTG 4-16X44 AO is a perfect rifle scope that can be used in various ways. It suits hunters and can also be used for self defense. The quick target acquisition, all-weather use, multi-color rings and powerful zoom all work perfectly to make shooting quite easy. The riflescope has enjoyed a remarkable reception and raised concerns have been very rare.

Detailed UTG 4-16X44 AO Review With Video
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