Detailed UTG SWAT Review With Video

UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Buy rifle scope

The UTG 30mm SWAT is one of the most popular Leapers rifle scopes and has gained popularity among hunters as it brings great convenience in their hunting activities. This scope is small yet explicitly made of the highest quality materials, built on Leaper’s True Strength Platform which makes it nothing else but a genuine scope designed for various shooting solutions.

1. Features and Benefits of the UTG SWAT

1. Illumination Enhancing Technology

The Leapers rifle scope is comprised of a wide array of illumination which is ideal for any type of weather and built for any kind of terrain and environment. Patented IE Technology is incorporated into the reticle system of this one of a kind scope, producing the traditional red and green dual color plus an astounding 36-color mode. This breakthrough technology greatly aids color blind shooters, allowing them to find the perfect match – the exact color that would work well with their eyesight. It has been made manageable, allowing for a more personalized experience with a control console which has 2 soft buttons sitting right on top of the ocular tube. Enjoy uninterrupted illumination even during heavy recoil.

2. Premium Zero Locking

This product features exact, detailed adjustments with the Zero Locking function and zero resetting target turrets that were constructed with excellence. It has been well designed to give consistent windage and elevation adjustments making your aim the as precise as it can be. Locking and resetting functions are able to protect and work best with the critical parts of the optic that paves the way to proper zeroing. It also features the SWAT or side wheel adjustable turret which comes in a user-friendly design for quick and easy reach and access to making further necessary adjustments. This promotes parallax adjustment letting you go way beyond 10 yards to an awesome infinity.

3. Multi-Emerald Coated Lenses

This allows the achievement of maximum light transmission making everything crisp and clear. This 30mm Tube is built with the best type of lens coating which are protected with and integral sunshade that is angled, flip-open lens caps, and is inclusive of a pair of Max Strength medium profile heavy duty rings.

4. Mil-dot Reticle

UTG paved the introduction of mil-dot reticle optics back in 2003 and has pioneered the Range Estimating concept as a highly valuable and beneficial tool that every hunter and shooter around the world could utilize. To date, it is widely used in the industry and UTG has revolutionized the TRE or Tactical Range Estimating mil-dot reticle. Shooters are given the chance for a very much enhanced performance and outstanding accuracy level, made possible with this great feature. This promotes the versatility of your UTG scope, customizing it for hunting in either short or long range. Leapers or UTG TRE has 9 dots on each cross hair direction, a great difference and way better compared to other regular mil-dot reticles in the market which usually have only 4 dots in each cross hair direction.

To sum up:

-Versatile and will serve whatever purpose you would have for it
-It is reliable with all its innovative features along with the durability it exhibits
-Uninterrupted performance since it is shock, fog and waterproof as it comes completely sealed and nitrogen-filled to a hundred percent
-Ideal for both short and long range hunting with 3 – 12x magnification power
-Easy to setup settings which can be saved with the locking functionality
-Accurately hit targets and yield optimal performance no matter what environment you’re in
-Affordable and gives back beyond the value of your money with all its great features

Should you buy it?

The UTG SWAT is the perfect complement to your favorite airgun. It will surely bring out its best performance and give you significantly higher accuracy under any condition. You are guaranteed long-lasting reliability on precise adjustments since this has been fully tested on elephant rifles and airguns that have extreme recoil.

Aside from all these built-in features and highly efficient functions, accessories are provided for so you will not need to purchase anything else. The UTG 300 SWAT Scope proves that even within a budget, it’s possible to acquire a high quality Rifle Scope with great capabilities that delivers huge performance.




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