Detailed Vortex Crossfire II Review With Video

Vortex Crossfire II 6 - 18x44mm AO Buy rifle scope

More and more people are aware that the success of hunting depends immensely on the vision of the shooter. However, how far one can see and how easy it is for an individual to follow a moving target, greatly varies from one individual to another. This is where the use of a riflescope comes in. A scope such as the Vortex Crossfire II 6-18mm AO helps to eliminate handicaps of low vision and the inability for sustained visual attention. It currently comes in three variations: Dead-Hold BDC, V-Brite and V-Plex.

What most people don’t know when it comes to choosing the quality of gun and the quality of riflescope is that the scope takes a higher precedence to the gun. This is illustrated by the fact that it is possible for someone with a high quality rifle scope and a mediocre gun to outperform someone else with a much superior gun but a low quality rifle. Therefore, choosing the best rifle scope is crucial for any hunting or shooting enthusiast hoping to realize the best performance while on the range or in the wild. The vortex rifle scope is one of the best riflescopes available in the market, made for optimum performance while on the range or in the wild.

1. Features of the Vortex Crossfire II

The current Vortex crossfire II rifle scope features marked improvements from the previous model. Some of these features include:

1. 1. More compact design

The Vortex crossfire II not comes in a single piece 1 inch aircraft grade aluminum tube that is meant to give the riflescopes an extensive service life as well as making the riflescope easy to handle and install onto any rifle.

2. 2. Full multi-coated optics

The film coating on the glass lens used in the Vortex crossfire II for magnification is meant to eliminate refractive index error s as light travels from one lens to another within the scope. The outcome is superb transmission of light within the lens. This has the additional benefit of making the Vortex crossfire scope ideal for use under low light conditions.

3. 3. Capped wind and elevation turrets

The capping of the adjustment knobs for wind and elevation adjustments is meant to minimize damage to the knobs that might arise from physical impact. This can occur as the riflescope is being detached from the rifle or during storage and transportation to the range or wilds.

4. 4. Low glare anodized matte finish

The low glare anodized matte finish is meant to eliminate any possible glare that might originate from sunlight striking the riflescope surface at an angle allowing for total reflection. The resulting glare might allow the prey to detect the presence of the hunter and thus flee from the scene.

5. 5. An adjustable objective lens

By making the objective lens adjustable, a riflescope user is able to eliminate any parallax errors. A Parallax error tends to displace the object being viewed through the scope, slightly to the right or left of the position at which it is actually located. Thus, by eliminating this error, the Vortex crossfire II is able to give the real but magnified position of the object whether the object is a dear in the open wilds or a target at the shooting range.

To sum up:

      • Its aircraft grade aluminum manufacture gives the riflescope a long service life


      • The anodized matte finish minimize the glare from the sun to zero


      • The riflescope increases accuracy up to 20 times


      • The rifle scope can be used even in extreme low light conditions


      • The crossfire II is easy to install and use


      • The fast focus eyepiece adjustment allows for easy shifting from one target to another


      • The capped elevating and wind adjustment knobs are protected from physical impac
      • The integrated sunshade eliminates the possibility of glare from the objective lens

Should you buy it?

The Vortex Crossfire II riflescope definitely offers a lot more than the previous model. This makes it ideal for the myriads of hunting or shooting enthusiasts out there due to its extensive range of specialized features. The riflescope by Vortex Optics is indeed a valuable accessory to have while on the shooting range or when in the bush hunting. It will not only help the hunter to reduce wastage of ammunition but will make the experience quite memorable.






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