Vortex Rifle Scopes Problems

Vortex Rifle Scopes Problems

Vortex riflescopes are undoubtedly some of the best of their kind that are currently available in the market. These innovative products come with a wide range of unique and highly beneficial features and functionalities that effectively put them in a class of their own. This includes been of a rugged and highly durable aircraft grade aluminum construction. Featuring a fully multicoated optics system, elevation and windage adjustments functionality to mention but a few. Below is an insight.

However, when compared to some of the other leading brands in this industry, these riflescopes have been known to perform somewhat at a subpar standard. This has made many seasoned shooters to prefer other alternatives to access the features that these products miss. Vortex riflescopes are also designed for highly specialized applications, which for the most is tactical shooting. This significantly narrows down the range of utilization they can be put through. A situation that is remarkably unlike most other cheaper alternatives currently in the market.

Well let us now take a much closer look at some of the problems users of these riflescopes have raised over the years.

1. Low magnification

Most products from Vortex come with a remarkably low magnification of from 4X to 8X, which is also not variable. While this happens to be an advantage when it comes to facilitating for quicker and intuitive shooting as well as efficient target acquisition it also presents many a challenging issue in their effective utilization. Most especially when the user tries to shoot targets that may be located at long distances (500 yards and above). This makes these products in inappropriate to use for applications such as long distance tactical shooting or even hunting.

2. Large objective lens

The larger objective lens of Vortex riflescopes offer more light transmission, which enables them to relay clearer and brighter target images. Despite this they also do present a lot of problems when it comes to maintaining a suitable cheek weld. This circumstance can significantly impair the user’s shooting ability. The large objectives also make these riflescopes to be much bulkier. Hence they can ruin the ideal balance of the rifles they are mounted on. While on the other hand, make them to be susceptible to “knocking” at things while out in the field. Which usually leads to a loss of zero and in extreme cases even cracked lenses.

3. Lack of bullet drop compensator (BDC) reticles

Many of these products integrate mildot reticles as opposed to the BDC variety. The main advantage of the latter is that they facilitate for precise shooting over several contrasting target images, without the user having to make any elevation adjustments. This is brought about by such reticles coming with aiming points incorporated into their patterns, which correspond with several different target ranges. This is not the case with mildot reticles.

4. MOA adjustments

Virtually all Vortex riflescopes utilize the minute of angle (MOA) adjustments. While presenting a set of benefits, this configuration also comes with several problems that are unnecessary. The major of these is the fact that adjustments of calculations tend to be highly unreliable for long distance shooting of over 100 yards.

5. No parallax adjustments

Another big issue with these products is that they do not come with parallax correction settings, something that even many inexpensive riflescopes feature. Basically, most of these products are parallax free for distances of up to 100 yards, but for more than that they are ineffective. For those who may perhaps be not in the know, parallax errors occur when the reticle seems to appear to alter its alignment in relation to the target. More so when the user’s head is slightly moved. This negative effect makes a riflescope that does not have a parallax setting to be unable to focus on the target and reticle on a similar optical plane. This in most cases than not, leads to missed shots and even unsuitable groupings.


Despite these problems these riflescopes are widely acclaimed for their unmatched precision, particularly for the distinct applications they may have been designed for. And like earlier mentioned Vortex riflescopes come with many innovative features and specs that significantly outweigh many a problem they present. This makes them undeniably exceptional and effective riflescopes that are also extremely popular with many shooters.

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Vortex Rifle Scopes Problems
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