Detailed Vortex Viper PST Review with Video

Vortex Viper PST Buy rifle scope

The Vortex Viper PST (Precision Shooting Tactical) 6-24×50 SFP is relatively new in the rifle scope market. With it come new and innovative technology that make it stand out from the rest. This particular rifle is packed with various features that enhance its precision and make it among the top tier rifle scopes. With a matching turret and reticle, it allows accurate scoping and fast dialing of shots. In this article, we shall look further into the specifications and features of the Vortex Viper PST.

1. Features of the Viper PST

1. 1. Construction Features

The Vortex Viper has quite a few construction features that are worth to note. The 30 mm diameter tube size utilizes a single piece tube to improving accuracy. How? By maximizing alignment and in effect, providing optimum visual performance and strength at the same time. The waterproof and aluminum grade construction of the tube is further enhanced by the O-ring seals that prevent moisture, debris and dust from getting into the scope. The aluminum build is an aircraft grade made for rigidity and strength. Together with the rugged construction, it is a shockproof build to withstand recoil impact. All these construction features are topped with ArmorTek, an ultra hard and scratch resistance coating to protect the lens exteriors from oil, scratches and dirt, leaving them clean and unscathed to give a clear target.

2. 2. Convenience Features

The rifle scope has a fast focus eyepiece to enhance the speed of quick and easy reticle focusing. When it comes to targeting fast moving targets, this feature is champion. The radius bar of the riflescope has a fiber optic turret rotation indicator responsible for providing a tactile and visible point of reference. Finally, the MAG-view fiber optic has the ultimate convenience feature of a highly visible reference point for use when magnifying targeted objects.

3. 3. Optical Features

Because the main and strongest feature of this rifle scope is its optics, it does exceptionally well in delivering features to enhance this department. The scope features an extra low dispersion glass to increase resolution to give sharp images. Additionally, the first focal plane reticle is designed to scale reticle remains to proportion to the zoomed image. For accuracy, this is a key feature when targeting distant objects. Along with the XR fully multi coated glass, the riflescope increases light transmission through multiple anti reflective coatings and give out maximal target image quality.

4. 4. Internal Mechanism Design Features

The inside of the Vortex Viper PST could not be complete without three main internal mechanism design features. The precision glide erector system is one that is integrated in the zoom lens to increase the magnification results by using high quality components. Also, the CRS (customizable rotational stop) is one that automatically and accurately aid the return of the scope to zero after temporary dial to correct elevation. Finally, the precision force spring system uses the erector spring system to increase the ease of adjustment after repeated shots.

To sum up:

– The Viper PST is a highly capable rifle scope with outstanding high quality components all which contribute to its exceptional targeting. Adjustable illuminated reticle is of great quality and allows the user to have clear views of the target with minimal obstructions on the screen and the reticle itself.

– High quality glass coating, as talked about in the features, is a part of this rifle scope. This feature has an advantage comes in handy especially when it comes to providing good image quality.

– Ability to work in low light environments

– Versatility in range: works excellent for both long range and short range shooting

Should you buy it?

The Vortex Viper PST is an overall excellent pick for a rifle scope. When looking at its features and how they contribute to an overall high quality riflescope and the minimal disadvantages it has, it is easy to come to a conclusion about its overall quality. A durable body, top notch technology optics, and internal mechanisms are useful and give this particular model an edge over competitors on the market. Performance is what is delivered by this rifle scope and it is delivered well.




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