Vortex Viper vs. Nikon P223 Riflescope

With the overabundance of riflescopes currently in the markets it is often very tasking to determine just which one may be ideal for your ideal needs and preferences. More so when you take the time to consider that most of these products come with virtually more or less similar features and specifications. With this fully in mind, this article is designed to review hand in hand 2 of the most popular of these products that are currently to be had. These are the Vortex viper and the Nikon P223 riflescopes.

Both of the products have been firmly proven to be extremely effective in the distinct applications they can be put through. The viper has been specifically designed for tactical shooting, but it can also perform exceptionally well in any hunting expedition. The P223 on its part is considered to be a multipurpose riflescope that can effortlessly deliver unerring accuracy in a wide range of applications. It might thus apparently seem that these products possess similar attributes, but this isn’t the case.

Well, without further ado let us now take a closer comparison of these 2 riflescopes.

Vortex viper vs. Nikon P223: Which is the best?

1. Vortex Viper


To begin, the Vortex viper integrates what its maker terms as proprietary XR fully multicoated optics. This feature permits it to offer a heightened light transmission as well as remarkable image brightness. When coupled with its extra low dispersion (XD) glass, it dramatically increases image resolution. While also enabling it to maintain rapid target acquisition even at long ranges. The Nikon P223 also comes with a fully multicoated optics feature that its maker assert can facilitate for up to 98% light transmission, even in poor lighting conditions.

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As for objectives, the viper features a 50mm objective that can also come in handy in dismal lighting like that experienced at dawn and dusk. But unfortunately its magnification power isn’t adjustable. The P223 has a 40mm variable objective whose power can vary from 3X to 9X. The Vortex viper features a ¼ MOA click adjustment functionality, which gives it accurate aiming points of from 308 yards to 500 yards. It also comes with finger adjustable elevation and windage turrets.



2. Nikon P223

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While the Nikon P223 on its part has hand turn tactical-like turrets that facilitate for precise and convenient click reticle adjustments while on the field. Unlike the viper, the P223 has a zero reset turret function that infinitely simplifies the task of making field adjustments. While also offering exceptional precision even after continuous recoils. This distinct feature makes this riflescope especially excellent for users that may be very keen on making first round hits from a considerably long distance

The viper does not have a parallax correction function, still its maker claims it to be totally parallax free within 100 yards. On this score the P223 certainly has the upper hand as it features a parallax adjustment function, but it is also limited to 100 yards. It nevertheless, comes with a BDC 600 reticle that is totally indispensable in offering users an unmatched precision for long range targets.

Both these riflescopes come with fast focus eyepieces that are invaluable when it comes to making rapid target acquisition. The one on the Vortex viper features a rubber ring around it that can go a long way in preventing injuries during recoils. It also offers a good gripping surface to make effortless eye piece adjustments. .

Both of these products come with a single piece tube, with that of the Vortex viper been of an aircraft grade aluminum construction for added durability. It also features a matte black anodized finish. On it part, the Nikon P223 is totally waterproof and fog resistant. According to Nikon it has been filled with Nitrogen and its O-ring totally sealed to prevent its interior components from damage.


Well, as you can see for yourself both these riflescopes have diverse unique features and specifications. Which undoubtedly makes them some of the best options for products within their distinct price range. However, the Vortex viper incorporates plenty of cutting edge technology that effectually puts it in a class of its own. Save for it lack of a parallax adjustment setting, a BDC reticle and variable objective magnification. The Nikon P223 also holds its own when it comes to its unmatched versatility of application, and like earlier mentioned it is an all-round riflescope. As for price the viper will definitely cost you more than the P223. It currently retails for $389.00, while the P223 is to be had for $159.00.

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