Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope Review

Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope

The Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope is highly regarded for its commanding clarity and simple design. You will find this scope most appropriate for lightweight rifles because of its convenient shape and size. Compared to other scopes within its price range, the Weaver K6 6X38 is lighter and much easier to operate. The double advantage of portability and user-friendly characteristic is one of the distinguishing strengths that make it particularly suitable for deer and hog hunting. You will also notice that this scope has an enhanced edge-to-edge clarity that makes it uniquely powerful for aiming distant targets. This is the scope you might need if you want to bring targets between 100 and 150 yards within clear view.

1. Important Features

* Fully multicoated lenses.
* Lightweight construction.
* Dual X reticle
* Fixed power for rugged recoil.
* User-friendly controls.
* Reliable magnification.
* Waterproof body

2. Features in Details

1. FULLY Multicoated Lenses

If you have never experienced the uniqueness of the Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope, the first aspect of difference that you are likely to notice is the quality of the lenses. This scope comes with fully multicoated lenses that help you to achieve optimum edge-to-edge clarity. This feature helps you to get greater viewership than what you would expect from an ordinary scope. You need such enhanced viewership if you are operating in wide open spaces especially during low light. Overall, the great visual effect helps to enhance the quality of hunting experience.

2. LIGHTWEIGHT Construction

This scope comes with an aircraft-grade Aluminum construction that gives it its lightweight construction. Compared to many other scopes on the market, this scope has greater portability that makes it more convenient to use than many alternative products on the market. The Weaver K6 6X38 fits easily on most types of hunting rifles and allows you greater flexibility in the field. Besides, this scope has a shorter tube length that enhances the quality of portability and reduces bulkiness. Many users consider this scope convenient for shooting while in motion because of its relative low weight and simple design.

3. DUAL X Reticle for sharper optics

One of the notable strengths of the Weaver K6 6X38 is the dual x reticle, which explains the scope’s sharp optics. This feature allows for 1/4-inch adjustment of the optics at 100 yards. The results is a highly defined viewership that helps to enhance the quality of results. Many Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope reviews have acknowledged the surpassing quality of its optics and advanced clarity particularly when focusing on targets that are positioned at 100 yards. Besides, its fast focus feature is remarkably quick and precise, which makes this scope especially relevant for hunting games that require quick and accurate maneuvers.

4. FIXED Power for rugged recoil

Another defining advantage of this riflescope is the fixed power that helps to ensure rugged recoil. Apart from enhancing the aspect of comfort, this feature fosters the aspect of precision and accuracy for the avid shooter. You are able to shoot with a high caliber shooting rifle with flawless precision without compromising on the element of stability. Moreover, this aspect of the gun allows you to shoot for a long duration with multiple rounds without loosing visual accuracy out of physical fatigue. In fact, it is on these grounds that the gun is highly recommended for extensive shooting activities in all types of terrains and varying weather conditions.

5. RELIABLE Magnification

This riflescope was designed with a single-unit magnification that guarantees sufficient clarity over long ranges. The level of magnification you get from this scope is nearly similar to what you might expect from a more superior scope with double the price of the Weaver K6 6X38. Although the magnification helps to bring targets at more than 100 yards within sharp focus, the ideal shooting range is about 100 yards. Remember that the quality of your shots is not just dependent on the aspect of precision, but also on the velocity of the rifle. Therefore, the functional efficiency of this rifle is largely conditioned by the balance between magnification and the velocity of the shots.


Apart from its sturdiness and durability, this scope is constructed with a waterproof body that suits it to outdoor activities during humid weather. The waterproof body protects the internal parts from water and moisture. As such, you are able to continue with the hunting expedition when it is raining and deliver accurate and powerful shots without bothering about the effects of the rain on the scope. The lenses are equally resistant to water and can endure long moments of bad weather without compromising on clarity. This is a gun you would love to carry on a hunting trip in the tropics or other hunting fields that are known for their frequent downpours.

3. Pros

1. Strong and durable construction.
2. Powerful magnification.
3. Conveniently lightweight.
4. High resistance to the elements.
5. Enhanced eye relief.
6. Optimum edge-to-edge clarity.
7. Comfortably lightweight.

4. Cons

1. Some shooters consider the tube length somewhat short, but many reviewers consider it appropriate.
2. This scope may seem a bit too simple for shooters accustomed to complex scopes.

5. FAQs.

Q. What is the objective lens diameter of this riflescope?
A. The Weaver K6 6X38 scope has an objective lens diameter of 38mm.

Q. How much does this scope weigh?
A. The scope weighs 0.61 pounds.

Q. What are the product dimensions of this scope?
A. The dimensions are 16 x 3 x 3 inches.

6. What Reviewers Think.

This scope attracted an impressive 4.7 stars out of a possible maximum of 5 stars from 28 customer reviews on Amazon.com. Many reviewers were pleased with its surpassing simplicity and flawless accuracy. Others were pleased with its long range advantage, which they considered superior to many other scopes within its price range. Reviewers who gave this scope a low ratings cited the shortness of its tube as a major reason. Overall, the shooters were pleased with its functional capabilities.

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Final Verdict

The Weaver K6 6X38 Riflescope is a sturdy scope that yields an impressive measure of clarity. This scope surpasses many others within its price range because of its long range advantage and lightweight construction. Its simplicity and robustness suits it for extensive hunting expeditions in different weather conditions. The designers ensured that it achieves optimum edge-to-edge clarity, which ensures greater chances of success in the hunting field. In most respects, it is a worthy product for its price.




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